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πŸ›‘ ■ Synopsis on the Scientific Logic of the F3B-NSPM Method Invented by Dijo Thomas to Scientifically Prove a New Species

Logic of the F3B-NSPM . 09 March 21. Ver -10. πŸ›‘ ■ Synopsis on the Scientific Logic of the F3B-NSPM Method Invented by Dijo Thomas to Scientifically Prove a New Species ❓ πŸ”³ What is the Scientific Method with which Dijo Thomas Scientifically Proved Neelagiri Tiger ? What is it's Logic ? πŸ›‘ F3B-NSPM Method ⚙πŸ›  A NEW Scientific Method Invented by Dijo Thomas to Prove a New Species without ● 1. Specimen 2. Direct Sighting 3. Photos 4. Taxonomy or 5. DNA Tests❗❗ ■ De-coding, Inventing & Scientifically Proving the ❌- Factor. πŸŸ₯ Synopsis on the Logic of the Scientific Method F3B-NSPM, Invented by Dijo Thomas for the First Time in the World, to Scientifically Prove a New Species, without the use of Conventional Methods like Taxonomy or DNA Tests ❗ This Paper Explains How F3B-NSPM Method Actually Proves a New Species.  ________________________________________________________ πŸ”³ It is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to Prove a New Species without DNA Tests or Taxonomy.

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